Getting There

How to get to Perth
First of all you need to get to Perth, Western Australia. Domestic connections exist to all major cities within Australia. International connections exist to Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai and may other airline hubs.
This will help you to sort out your travel to Perth BUT you need to travel to Esperance.

The IASWS 2008 is being held in Esperance, Western Australia.

How do you get to Esperance?

To get from Perth to Esperance, you can fly, take the bus, or drive yourself. Some options are given below. Please note that you must organise your own transport to Esperance.

From Perth to Esperance

Option 1
SkyWest Airlines flies from Perth to Esperance; you need to book this through your local travel agent. The flight takes approximately 2 hours. Check out, or phone 1300 660088 (within Australia). Please be advised that Skywest typically only has one flight per day, each way: usually Perth to Esperance in the early morning and Esperance to Perth in the evening. Further this is a small plane that only takes ~45 passengers so this might book out very quickly. We are trying to negotiate special rates or additional planes depending upon demand from IASWS 2008 Symposium delegates. One-way tickets cost approximately AUD 180, if booked well in advance.

Option 2
Esperance Airport to Esperance Township Taxis are available to take you to your accommodation but if you are travelling with others from the Symposium it might be easier to organise a shuttle bus. Cost per person depending upon the size of the bus we need to organise. Approximately $12.00 per person one way, taxis would be more expensive.

Option 3
An emergency Option: A further transport options is a new Perth to Ravensthorpe flight with National Jet, then a bus from Ravensthorpe to Esperance with Redlion. This is an alternative that has not been tried out by the organisers and possibly will take additional time in your travel to Esperance. Red Lion can be contact

Option 4
Drive yourself. We are trying to negotiate deals with some local car hire agents. The time from Perth Airport to Esperance, driving yourself, would take approximately 6- 8 hours. Please seriously consider fatigue for this options; we strongly recommend that you break this journey into 2 3 days. Drivers must also consider the local wild life; special care needs to be taken during dusk, night and dawn with kangaroos and other wildlife on the road. Driving would give you a lot of flexibility once in Esperance. Price of petrol as at February 2007 is AUD 1.30 per litre (more outside urban areas).,, and there could be more.

Option 5
TransWA Bus from Perth to Esperance runs every day EXCEPT on Saturday. The Bus trip takes approximately 10.5 hours and the bus leaves at 8.00 am sharp. The cost is approximately $72.00 one way.

Option 6
If delegates are interested we can explore the option of chartering a bus from Perth International Airport and drive you to Esperance and back. If this is of interest to you, you need to register this with Claudia Pal as soon as possible to see whether this is a feasible option. We need to have 30+ people for this to be a viable economic option.

Check out for more information.