Board of Directors (2011-2014 term)  

C. Oldham, The University of Western Australia, AUSTRALIA
[email protected]
Vice President
Vice President:
A.I. Packman, Northwestern University,
USA [email protected]




N. Ogrinc, Jozef Stefan Institute, SLOVENIA
[email protected]


P. N. Owens, University of Northern British Columbia, CANADA
[email protected]

Past President
Past President:
B. Kronvang, National Environmental Research Institute, DENMARK
[email protected]





Directors at Large:
Geraldine Wharton, University of London, UK
Ian Foster, Coventry University, UK/South Africa
Frederique Eyrolle, Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire, FRANCE
Paolo Porto, University Mediterranea of Reggio, ITALY
Wan Ruslan Ismai, University Sains Malaysia, MALAYSIA

Ex Officio:
Convener of the next (2014) Symposium –
Kate Rowntree Rhodes University, South Africa

Convener of the past (2011) Symposium -  
William H. Blake, University of Plymouth, UK





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