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Hydrobiologia Volume: 235-236, 1992
Sediment dynamics in estuaries and costal waters
Sediment transport and deposition in lakes and reservoirs
Sediment and water movement in rivers and their catchments
Microbial processes
Interactions between sediments and benthic organisms
Sediment bioassays
Biological processes
Sediment-water interactions
Element cycling
Contaminant accumulation, distributions and geochemistry


Sediment / Water Interactions Proceedings of the 5th International Symposium
Hart, B.T., Sly, P.G.

Sediment dynamics in estuaries and costal waters

Flocculation and its effect on the vertical transport of fine- grained sediments
Lick, W., Lick, J., Ziegler, C.K. pp. 1-16

Transport and distribution of sediments along the Ligurian coast
Ferretti, O., Niccolai, I., Tucci, S., Setti, M., Immordino, F. pp. 17-32

Morphometry and sedimentation as regulating factors for nutrient recycling and trophic state in coastal waters
Wallin, M., Hakanson, L. pp. 33-45

Storage, redistribution and net export of dissolved and sediment- bound nutrients, Vejle Fjord, Denmark
Christiansen, C., Zacharias, I., Vang, T. pp. 47-57

Sedimentation of river-transported particles in the Ore Estuary, northern Sweden
Malmgren, L., Brydsten, L. pp. 59-69

Wave-induced sediment resuspension in the Ore Estuary, northern Sweden
Brydsten, L. pp. 71-83

Sediment transport and deposition in lakes and reservoirs

Specific organic components as tracers of contaminated fine sediment dispersal in Lake Ontario near Toronto
Coakley, J.P., Carey, J.H., Eadie, B.J. pp. 85-96

Release of metals from polluted sediments in a shallow lake: quantifying resuspension
Ten Hulscher, T.E.M., Mol, G.A.J., Luers, F. pp. 97-105

Interpretation of sedimentation data measured in a former tidal channel Lake Volkerak
Tamminga, G.H. pp. 107-118

A model for predicting waves and suspended silt concentration in a shallow lake
Vlag, D.P. pp. 119-131

Sediment resuspension in a monomictic eutrophic reservoir
Galvez, J.A., Niell, F.X. pp. 133-141

Measurement and prediction of sedimentation in small Swedish lakes
Evans, R.D., Hakanson, L. pp. 143-152

Modelling sediment transport in shallow lakes - interactions between sediment transport and sediment composition
Blom, G., Van Duin, E.H.S., Aalderink, R.H., Lijklema, L., Toet, C. pp. 153-166

Aspects of modelling sediment transport and light conditions in Lake Marken
Van Duin, E.H.S., Blom, G., Lijklema, L., Scholten, M.J.M. pp. 167-176

Sediment and water movement in rivers and their catchments

Cohesive sediment transport: emerging issues for toxic chemical management
Ongley, E.D., Krishnappan, B.G., Droppo, I.G., Rao, S.S., Maguire, R.J. pp. 177-187

The clogging of coarse gravel river beds by fine sediment
Schalchli, U. pp. 189-197

Estimating sediment yield variation in a small forested upland catchment
Kelly, L.A. pp. 199-203

Sulphur isotope ratios in sulphate and oxygen isotopes in water from a small watershed in central Sweden
Andersson, P., Torssander, P., Ingri, J. pp. 205-217

Interpretation of caesium-137 profiles in lacustrine and other sediments: the role of catchment-derived inputs
Walling, D.E., He Qingping pp. 219-230

Fluvial transport and redistribution of Chernobyl fallout radionuclides
Walling, D.E., Quine, T.A., Rowan, J.S. pp. 231-246

Case studies of variations in suspended matter transport in small catchments
Strunk, N. pp. 247-255

Origin of peak concentrations of phosphate during high discharges in a rural watershed
Dijkhuis, A.H., Hoekstra, N.K., Lijklema, L., Van Der Zee, S.E.A.T.M. pp. 257-260

Microbial processes

Stimulation of bacterial cytokinesis by bacteriophage predation
Lammers, W.T. pp. 261-265

Mesocosm experiments: mimicking seasonal developments of microbial variables in North Sea sediments
Van Duyl, F.C., Bak, R.P.M., Kop, A.J., Nieuwland, G., Berghuis, E.M., Kok, A. pp. 267-281

Heterotrophic bacterial activity in Roskilde Fjord sediment during an autumn sedimentation peak
Flindt, M.R., Nielsen, J.B. pp. 283-293

Sulfate-reduction process in sediments of Lake Kinneret, Israel
Hadas, O., Pinkas, R. pp. 295-301

Below-halocline oxygen consumption in the Kattegat
Graneli, W. pp. 303-310

Fates of dissolved free amino acids in groundwater discharged through stream bed sediments
Fiebig, D.M. pp. 311-319

Interactions between sediments and benthic organisms

Factors influencing densities and distributions of Pontoporeia hoyi in Lake Ontario
Sly, P.G., Christie, W.J. pp. 321-352

Decline in zoobenthos densities in the profundal sediments of Lake Mendota (Wisconsin, USA)
Lathrop, R.C. pp. 353-361

Significant physiographic disturbances in the Ebro Basin reservoirs (NE Spain) reflected by Oligochaeta size spectra
Real, M., Sabater, F., Morgui, J.A. pp. 363-374

Coupling between benthic biomass of Microcystis and phosphorus release from the sediments of a highly eutrophic lake
Brunberg, A.-K., Bostrom, B. pp. 375-385

Bioturbation by Nereis sp. and its effects on the phosphate flux across the sediment-water interface in the Palmones River estuary
Clavero, V., Fernandez, J.A., Niell, F.X. pp. 387-392

Experimental study of 110mAg transfer from sediment to biota in a simplified freshwater ecosystem
Garnier-Laplace, J., Baudin, J.P., Foulquier, L. pp. 393-406

Sediment bioassays

A simple and sensitive assay for evaluation of sediment toxicity using Lumbriculus variegatus (Muller)
Dermott, R., Munawar, M. pp. 407-414

Bioassay responses to sediment elutriates and multivariate data analysis for hazard assessment of sediment-bound chemicals
Ahlf, W., Wild-Metzko, S. pp. 415-418

Biological processes

Sediment toxicity in lakes along the River Kolbacksan, central Sweden
Dave, G. pp. 419-433

Lessons from the size efficiency hypothesis. II. The mire of complexity
Peters, R.H. pp. 435-455

Benthic-pelagic coupling of nutrient metabolism along an estuarine eutrophication gradient
Kamp-Nielsen, L. pp. 457-470

A change in the distribution pattern of diatoms above and below the halocline in bottom sediments of the central Arkona basin, southern Baltic
Thulin, B. pp. 471-478

Effects of phytoplankton on the elemental composition (C, N, P) of suspended particulate material in the lower River Rhine
Admiraal, W., Jacobs, D.M.L.H.A., Breugem, P., De Ruyter Van Steveninck, E.D. pp. 479-489

Sediment-water interactions

Diffusive exchange of linear alkylbenzenesulfonates (LAS) between overlying water and bottom sediment
Amano, K., Fukushima, T., Nakasugi, O. pp. 491-499

Geochemical cycling of heavy metals in a marine coastal area: benthic flux determination from pore water profiles and in situ measurements using benthic chambers
Ciceri, G., Maran, S., Martinotti, W., Queirazza, G. pp. 501-517

Factors controlling spatial variability in ammonium release within an estuarine bay (Alfacs Bay, Ebro Delta, NW Mediterranean)
Vidal, M., Morgui, J.A., Latasa, M., Romero, J., Camp, J. pp. 519-525

Continuosuly measured changes in redox potential influenced by oxygen penetrating from burrows of Callianassa subterranea
Forster, S., Graf, G. pp. 527-532

Arsenic transport between water and sediments
Cornett, J., Chant, L., Risto, B. pp. 533-544

The application of a laboratory apparatus for the study of nutrient fluxes between sediment and water
Schroeder, F., Klages, D., Blocker, G., Vajen-Finnern, J., Knauth, H.-D. pp. 545-552

Sediment and interstitial water chemistry of the Orbetello lagoon (Grosseto, Italy); nutrient diffusion across the water-sediment interface
Bonanni, P., Caprioli, R., Ghiara, E., Mignuzzi, C., Orlandi, C., Paganin, G., Monti, A. pp. 553-568

Dissolved reactive phosphorus release from sediments beneath a freshwater cage aquaculture development in west Scotland
Kelly, L.A. pp. 569-572

Element cycling

Whole-stream phosphorus release studies: variation in uptake length with initial phosphorus concentration
Hart, B.T., Freeman, P., McKelvie, I.D. pp. 573-584

The turnover of river-transported iron, phosphorus and organic carbon in the Ore Estuary, northern Sweden
Forsgren, G., Jansson, M. pp. 585-596

Bacterial enzyme activity and metal speciation in urban river sediments
Chen Wei, Morrison, G. pp. 597-603

Chemical mobility and bioavailability of sediment-bound heavy metals influenced by salinity
Calmano, W., Ahlf, W., Bening, J.-C. pp. 605-610

Solubility of cadmium and cobalt in a post-oxic or sub-oxic sediment suspension
Wallmann, K. pp. 611-622

The degradation of arsenobetaine to inorganic arsenic by sedimentary microorganisms
Hanaoka, K., Tagawa, S., Kaise, T. pp. 623-628

Contaminant accumulation, distributions and geochemistry

A review of assessment and remediation strategies for hot spot sediments
Skei, J.M. pp. 629-638

Sediment analysis for the assessment of risk from organic pollutants in lakes
Galassi, S., Provini, A., Garofalo, E. pp. 639-647

Studies of heavy metal sorption by Trenton Channel (Detroit River) sediments
Young, T.C., Waltman, M.R., Theis, T.L., Depinto, J.V. pp. 649-660

Experimental study of 60Co behaviour in Tejo River sediments
Madruga, M.J., Carreiro, M.C.V. pp. 661-668

Inventory of heavy metals and organic micropollutants in an urban water catchment drainage basin
Sarmani, S., Abdullah, M.P., Baba, I., Majid, A.A. pp. 669-674

Relationships between mercury in lake water, water colour and mercury in fish
Nilsson, A., Hakanson, L. pp. 675-683

Mercury content in lake sediments and suspended matter - temporal variation and relation to water chemistry
Andersson, T., Hakanson, L. pp. 685-696

The use of sedimentation field-flow fractionation to study suspended particulate matter
Beckett, R., Nicholson, G., Hotchin, D.M., Hart, B.T. pp. 697-710


Chemical criteria for marine eutrophication with special reference to Oslofjord, Norway
Abdullah, M.I., Danielsen, M. pp. 711-722

Sediment analysis as a method of monitoring industrial emissions
Vogel, W.R., Chovanec, A. pp. 723-730

Iron:phosphorus ratio in surface sediment as an indicator of phosphate release from aerobic sediments in shallow lakes
Jensen, H.S., Kristensen, P., Jeppesen, E., Skytthe, A. pp. 731-743

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