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Hydrobiologia, 1995
Conference Papers

Conference Papers

Metal adsorption onto and desorption from sediements artifact effects
Jeanne, E.A. pp 1- 18

Exchange of trace elements at the sediment-water interface during early diagenesis processes
Petersen, W., Wallmann, K., Li, P.L., Schroeder, F., Knauth, H.D. pp. 19-26

Relationship between denitrification and redox potential in two sediment-water systems
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Benthic microbial response to a sedimentation event at low-temperature in sediments of a eutrophic lake
Tornblom E., Bostrom, B. pp. 33-43

Sediment metabolism in a transitional continental marine area: The Albufera-Fo-Majorca (Balearic Islands, Spain)
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Diagenetic processes and nutrient fluxes at the sediment-water interface, Northern Adriatic Sea, Italy
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Controlling Mechanisms of sediment-driven dissolved-oxygen dynamics in New Bedford Outer Harbour
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Determination of sediment oxygen demand by direct measurement and by inference from reduced species accumulation
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Phosphours diagenesis in lake sediments Investigations using fractionation techniques
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Sediment contamination by heavy metals in a lock-regulated section of the River Neckar
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Trace element composition in sediments of the Amazonian Lake Cristalino
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Risk assessment and technological options for contaminated sediments a geochemical prospective
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PCB Profiles in sediments of Lakes Maggiore, Como and Garda (Italy)
Provini, A., Galassi, S., Guzzella, L., Valli, G. pp. 129-136

Time-trend analysis of PAH and PCB sediment fluxes in the northern Baltic Proper using different dating methods
Axelman, J., Bandh, C., Broman, D., Carman, R., Jonnson, P., Larsson, H., Linder, H., Naf, C., Pettersen, H. pp. 137-144

The Domingos Mine A study of heavy metal contamination in the water column and sediments of the Chanca River Basin by discharge from and ancient Cupriferous Pyrite mine (Portugal)
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Retention and horizontal redistribution of sedimentary Chernobyl Cs137 in a small Swedish forest lake
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Distribution of aluminum from alum sludge in water and sediment
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Non-point source nutrient losses to the aquatic environment in Denmark Impact of agriculture
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Consolidation of dredged sludge, measured by an acoustic densitometer
Verbeek, H., Cornelisse, J.M. pp. 179-188

Effect of major flow diversion on sediment nutrient release in a stratified reservoir
Schladow, S.G., Hamilton D.P. pp. 189-195

Coupled hydrological and biogeochemical model for aqueous contaminant transport
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Transport of adsorbing metals from stream water to a stationary sand bed in a laboratory plume
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Thorium isotopes as indiactors of scavenging rates in the Venice Lagoon
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Simple method to quantify sources of settling particles in lakes- resuspenstion versus new sedimentation of material from planktonic production
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Colloidal particle exchange between stream and stream bed in a laboratory flume
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Biogeochemical cycling of nutrients and tracemetals in anoxic fresh water sediments of the Neckar River, Germany
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Relation between mercurly concentration and water discharge in the Katun River, Siberia
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Desorption during resuspension events kinetic v equilibrium model
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Heavy metals in intact and resuspended sediments of a California reservoir with emphasis on potential bioavailability of copper and zinc
Slotten, D.G., Reuter, J.E. pp. 257-265

Bioconcentration of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in chironomic larvae, oligochaete worms and fish from contaminated lake sediment
Bremle, G., Ewald, G. pp. 267-273

Mobilization of PAH from polluted seabed and uptake in the Blue Mussel (Mytilus Edulis L.)
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On the seasonal migration of the cyanobacterium Gloeotrichia-Echinulata in Lake Erken, Sweden, and its influence on the pelagic population
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Measurement in-situ of the effective particle-size characteristics of fluvial suspended sediment by means of a field-portable laser backscatter probe: some preliminary results
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Prediction of bottom dynamic conditions in coastal waters
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Spreading model for a turbidity-current with reversing buoyancy from a constant volume release
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Turbidity, particle fluxes and mineralization of carbon and nitrogen in a shallow coastal area
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