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Water, Air, and Soil Pollution Volume: 99, Issue: 1-4, October 1997
Conference Summary
Sediment/Water Dynamics
Sediment/Contaminant Interactions
Role of Sediments in Element Cycles
Use of Sediments as Historical Indicators
Sediment/Organism Interactions
Studies in Remote Areas

Conference Summary

Interactions Between Sediments and Water Summary of the 7th International Symposium
Evans, R. D., Provini, A., Mattice, J., Hart, B., Wisniewski, J. pp. 1-7

Sediment/Water Dynamics

Investigating Spatial Patterns of Overbank Sedimentation on River Floodplains
Walling, D.E., He, Q. pp. 9-20

Effects of Bulk Density on Sediment Erosion Rates
Jepsen, Rich, Roberts, Jesse, Lick, Wilbert pp. 21-31

The Effect of Flocculation on the Size Distributions of Bottom Sediment in Coastal Inlets: Implications for Contaminant Transport
Milligan, T.G., Loring, D.H. pp. 33-42

The Freshwater Floc: A Functional Relationship of Water and Organic and Inorganic Floc Constituents Affecting Suspended Sediment Properties
Droppo, I.G., Leppard, G.G., Flannigan, D.T., Liss, S.N. pp. 43-54

Flocculation of Particles by Fluid Shear in Buffered Suspensions
Tsai, C. H., Hu, J. Q. pp. 55-62

Particle Size Selectivity Considerations in Suspended Sediment Budget Investigations
Stone, P.M., Walling, D.E. pp. 63-70

Spatial Variability of the Particle Size Composition of Overbank Floodplain Deposits
He, Q., Walling, D. E. pp. 71-80

Variations of Bed Surface Sediment Size in a Channel Bend
Yen, Chin-Lien, Lin, Yan-Lang pp. 81-88

Transport Characteristics of Tile-Drain Sediments from an Agricultural Watershed
Stone, M., Krishnappan, B.G. pp. 89-103

Sediment Budget Analysis for River Reservoirs
Kern, U., Westrich, B. pp. 105-112

Experimental Techniques for Laboratory Investigation of Clay Colloid Transport and Filtration in a Stream with a Sand Bed
Packman, Aaron I., Brooks, Norman H., Morgan, James J. pp. 113-122

Seiche-Induced Resuspension in Lake Kinneret: A Fluorescent Tracer Experiment
Shteinman, B., Eckert, W., Kaganowsky, S., Zohary, T. pp. 123-131

Probing Particle Processes in Lake Michigan Using Sediment Traps
Eadie, Brian J. pp. 133-139

The Dynamics of Suspended Sediment Transport in the Ribble Estuary
Lyons, Mg pp. 141-148

A Study of Transport and Mixing in Natural Waters Using ICP-MS: Water-Particle Interactions
Paulsen, Susan C., List, E. John pp. 149-156

Filtration Enhances Suspended Sediment Deposition from Surface Water to Granular Permeable Beds
Hoyal, David C.J.D., Bursik, Marcus I., Atkinson, Joseph F., Depinto, Joseph V. pp. 157-

Digital Imaging Characterization of the Kinematics of Water-Sediment Interaction
Capart, H., Liu, H.-H., Crombrugghe, X. Van, Young, D.-L. pp. 173-177

Comparison of Sediment Pore Water Sampling for Specific Parameters using two Techniques
Angelidis, T.N. pp. 179-185

Sediment/Contaminant Interactions

Sediment-Water Interactions Affect Assessments of Metals Discharges at Electric Utilities
Mattice, J.S., Porcella, D.B., Brocksen, R.W. pp. 187-199

Effect of Ionic Composition and Temperature on the Radiocaesium Fixation in Freshwater Sediments
Madruga, M.J., Cremers, A. pp. 201-208

Relationships Between Radionuclide Content and Textural Properties in Irish Sea Intertidal Sediments
Clifton, J., McDonald, P., Plater, A., Oldfield, F. pp. 209-216

Comparison of Two Reagents, Sodium Pyrophosphate and Sodium Hydroxide, in the Extraction of Labile Metal Organic Complexes
Hall, G.E.M., Pelchat, P. pp. 217-223

Modeling the Dynamics of the Sorption of Hydrophobic Organic Chemicals to Suspended Sediments
Lick, Wilbert, Chroneer, Zenitha, Rapaka, Venkatrao pp. 225-235

Analysis of Organic Micropollutants in Sediment Samples of the Venice Lagoon, Italy
Fattore, E., Benfenati, E., Mariani, G., Cools, E., Vezzoli, G., Fanelli, R. pp. 237-244

PCBs and Organochlorine Pesticides in Lake Orta (Northern Italy) Sediments
Guzzella, L. pp. 245-254

Pollutant Exchange at the Water/Sediment Interface in the Venice Canals
Argese, E., Ramieri, E., Bettiol, C., Pavoni, B., Chiozzotto, E., Sfriso, A. pp. 255-263

Role of Sediments in Element Cycles

Differences in Iron, Manganese, and Phosphorus Binding in Freshwater Sediment Vegetated with Littorella Uniflora and Benthic Microalgae
Christensen, Kasper Kjellberg pp. 265-273

Selenium Associations in Estuarine Sediments: Redox Effects
Peters, Gregory M., Maher, William A., Barford, John P., Gomes, Vincent G. pp. 275-

Fe and Al Sedimentation and their Importance as Carriers for P, N and C in a Large Humic Lake in Northern Sweden
Jonsson, A. pp. 283-295

Behaviour of Co, Fe, Mn and Ni in the Po Estuary (Italy)
Camusso, Marina, Crescenzio, Sonia, Martinotti, Walter, Pettine, Maurizio, Pagnotta, Romano pp. 297-304

Benthic Fluxes of Dissolved Inorganic Carbon, Nutrients and Oxygen in the Gulf of Trieste (Northern Adriatic)
Bertuzzi, A., Faganeli, J., Welker, C., Brambati, A. pp. 305-314

Carbon and Nitrogen Stable Isotope Fractionation in the Sediment of Lake Bled (Slovenia)
Lojen, S., Ogrinc, N., Dolenec, T. pp. 315-323

C, N and their Stable Isotopes in Suspended and Sedimented Matter from the PO Estuary (Italy)
Martinotti, Walter, Camusso, Marina, Guzzi, Luigi, Patrolecco, Luisa, Pettine, Maurizio pp. 325-332

The Sources of Dissolved Inorganic Carbon in Pore Waters of Lacustrine Sediment
Ogrinc, N., Lojen, S., Faganeli, J. pp. 333-341

Relationships Between Suspended and Sediment Organic Matter in a Semi-Enclosed Marine System: The Stagnone Di Marsala Sound (Western Sicily)
Pusceddu, A., Sarà, G., Mazzola, A., Fabiano, M. pp. 343-352

Sources and Pathways of Particulate Organic Carbon in a Submarine Cave with Sulphur Water Springs
Airoldi, L., Southward, A.J., Niccolai, I., Cinelli, F. pp. 353-362

Seasonal Variations of Sulphate Reduction Rates, Sulphur Pools and Iron Availability in the Sediment of a Dystrophic Lagoon (Sacca di Goro, Italy)
Giordani, Gianmarco, Azzoni, Roberta, Bartoli, Marco, Viaroli, Pierluigi pp. 363-371

Hypolimnetic Alkalinity Generation in Two Dilute, Oligotrophic Lakes in Ontario, Canada
Dillon, P.J., Evans, H.E., Girard, R. pp. 373-380

Geochemistry of HCO3- at the Sediment-Water Interface of Lakes from the Southwestern Chinese Plateau
Wu, F.C., Qing, H.R., Wan, G.J., Tang, D.G., Huang, R.G., Cai, Y.R. pp. 381-390

Interactions Between Benthic Phosphorus Release and Sulfur Cycling in Lake Scharmützelsee (Germany)
Kleeberg, Andreas pp. 391-399

Factors Regulating the Flux of Phosphate at the Sediment - Water Interface of a Subtropical Calcareous Lake: a Simulation Study with Intact Sediment Cores
Eckert, W., Nishri, A., Parparova, R. pp. 401-409

Experiments on Water-Sediment Nutrient Partitioning Under Turbulent, Shear and Diffusive Conditions
Scarlatos, Panagiotis D. pp. 411-425

Variations of Phosphorus Release from Sediments in Stratified Lakes
Gonsiorczyk, T., Casper, P., Koschel, R. pp. 427-434

Modelling of Pore Water Nutrient Distribution and Benthic Fluxes in Shallow Coastal Waters (Gulf of Trieste, Northern Adriatic)
Cermelj, B., Bertuzzi, A., Faganeli, J. pp. 435-444

Impact of Nitrate Addition on Phosphorus Availability in Sediment and Water Column and on Plankton Biomass-Experimental Field Study in the Shallow Brackish Schlei Fjord (Western Baltic, Germany)
Feibicke, M. pp. 445-456

Bottom sediments in a humic lake with artificially increased calcium content: sink or source for phosphorus?
Rzepecki, M. pp. 457-464

Sediment and Phosphorus Export from a Lowland Catchment: Quantification of Sources
Kronvang, B., Grant, R., Laubel, A.L. pp. 465-476

Sediment Accumulation of Nutrients (N, P) in the Eastern Gulf of Finland (Baltic Sea)
Lehtoranta, J., Pitkänen, H., Sandman, O. pp. 477-486

Algal Blooms in the Darling-Barwon River, Australia
Donnelly, T.H., Grace, M.R., Hart, B.T. pp. 487-496

Spatial Distributions of Biogeochemical Parameters in Surface Sediments
Ostrovsky, I., Wynne, D., Bergstein-Ben Dan, T., Nishri, A., Li, H., Yacobi, Y.Z., Koren, N., Parparova, R. pp. 497-505

Elemental Distribution in a Sedimentary Deposit on the Shelf Off the Tagus Estuary (Portugal)
Paiva, P., Jouanneau, J.-M., Araújo, F., Weber, O., Rodrigues, A., Dias, J.M.A. pp. 507-514

Remobilization of trace elements from polluted anoxic sediments after resuspension in oxic water
Petersen, W., Willer, E., Willamowski, C. pp. 515-522

Trophic Status and Lake Sedimentation Fluxes
Tartari, G., Biasci, G. pp. 523-531

Relationship Between Benthic Fluxes and Macrophyte Cover in a Shallow Brackish Lagoon
Viaroli, P., Bartoli, M., Fumagalli, I., Giordani, G. pp. 533-540

Water-Sediment Exchange of Nutrients During Early Diagenesis and Resuspension of Anoxic Sediments from the Northern Adriatic Sea Shelf
Spagnoli, Federico, Bergamini, Maria Cristina pp. 541-556

Fluxes of Suspended Materials in the North Adriatic Sea (PO Prodelta Area)
Matteucci, Gabriele, Frascari, Franca pp. 557-572

Use of Sediments as Historical Indicators

Sediment Records of Fallout Radionuclides and their Application to Studies of Sediment-Water Interactions
Appleby, P.G. pp. 573-586

A Spacio-Temporal Pattern of Pollen Sedimentation in a Dimictic Lake with Laminated Sediments
Mieszczankin, Tomasz pp. 587-592

Palaeoenvironmental Reconstruction of Lago Di Albano (Central Italy) during the Late Pleistocene Using Fossil Ostracod Assemblages
Belis, Claudio A. pp. 593-600

A Late Glacial and Holocene Record of Biological and Environmental Changes from the Crater Lake Albano, Central Italy: an Interdisciplinary European Project (Paliclas)
Lami, A., Guilizzoni, P., Ryves, D.B., Jones, V.J., Marchetto, A., Battarbee, R.W., Belis, C.A., Bettinetti, R., Manca, M., Comoli, P., Nocentini, A., Langone, L. pp. 601-613

Sediment/Organism Interactions

Bivalves and Heavy Metals in Polluted Sediments: a Chemometric Approach
Adami, G., Aleffi, F., Barbieri, P., Favretto, A., Predonzani, S., Reisenhofer, E. pp. 615-622

Colonization Patterns and Densities of Zebra Mussel Dreissena in Muddy Offshore Sediments of Western Lake Erie, Canada
Coakley, John P., Brown, Glenn R., Ioannou, Stefan E., Charlton, Murray N. pp. 623-632

Trophic Modifications in Lake Como (N. Italy) caused by the Zebra Mussel (Dreissena Polymorpha)
Binelli, A., Provini, A., Galassi, S. pp. 633-640

Assessing Benthic Impacts of Organic Enrichment from Marine Aquaculture
Hargrave, B.T., Phillips, G.A., Doucette, L.I., White, M.J., Milligan, T.G., Wildish, D.J., Cranston, R.E. pp. 641-650

Accumulation of Inorganic and Organic Pollutants by Biofilms in the Aquatic Environment
Schorer, Marcell, Eisele, Michael pp. 651-659

Use of a 6-steps microcosm for studying a wastewater discharge in a freshwater ecosystem: a multidisciplinary study
Montuelle, B., Latour, X., Volat, B., Lafont, M. pp. 661-669

Arylsulfatase and Alkaline Phosphatase (APASE) Activity in Sediments of Lake Kinneret, Israel
Hadas, O., Pinkas, R. pp. 671-679

Sediment Features, Primary Producers and Food Web Structure in Two Shallow Temporary Lakes (Monegros, Spain)
Alcorlo, P., Díaz, P., Lacalle, J., Baltanás, A., Florín, M, Guerrero, M.C., Montes, C. pp. 681-688

Influence of Particle Size Distribution and Content of Organic Matter on the Toxicity of Copper in Sediment Bioassays Using Caenorhabditis Elegans (Nematoda)
Höss, S., Haitzer, M., Traunspurger, W., Gratzer, H., Ahlf, W., Steinberg, C. pp. 689-695

Studies in Remote Areas

Heavy Metal Distribution in Sediment Cores from Western Ross Sea (Antarctica)
Ravanelli, M., Tubertini, O., Valcher, S, Martinotti, W. pp. 697-704

Scavenging Processes and Export Fluxes Close to a Retreating Seasonal Ice Margin (Ross Sea, Antarctica)
Langone, L., Frignani, M., Cochran, J.K., Ravaioli, M. pp. 705-715

The Distribution of PCBs and Chlorinated Pesticides in Two Connected Himalayan Lakes
Galassi, S., Valsecchi, S., Tartari, G. A. pp. 717-725

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