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Science of the Total Environment Volume: 266, Issue: 1-3, 2001
Conference Summary
Conference Proceedings

Conference Summary

Interactions between sediments and water: summary of the Eighth International Symposium
Evans, R.D. pp. 1-5

Conference Proceedings

The effect of depositional history on contaminated bed sediment stability
Droppo, I.G., Lau, Y.L., Mitchell, C. pp. 7-13

Sediment dynamics in Rangoon River, Myanmar
Nelson, B.W. pp. 15-21

Impact of frontal systems on estuarine sediment and pollutant dynamics
Duck, R.W., Wewetzer, S.F.K. pp. 23-31

Mapping and monitoring contaminated-sediment geometry and stability
Rukavina, N. pp. 33-39

Effects of sediment bulk properties on erosion rates
Lick, W., McNeil, J. pp. 41-48

Parameter estimation for suspended sediment transport processes under random waves
Wai, O.W.H., Xiong, Y.S., O'Neill, S., Bedford, K.W. pp. 49-59

Modelling sedimentation processes in a constructed stormwater wetland
Walker, D.J. pp. 61-68

The pattern of particle flux variability in Swedish and Swiss lakes
Weyhenmeyer, G.A., Bloesch, J. pp. 69-78

Phosphorus characteristics of settling and suspended particles in Lake Erken
Pettersson, K. pp. 79-86

Evaluation of iron-phosphate as a source of internal lake phosphorus loadings
Petticrew, E.L., Arocena, J.M. pp. 87-93

Particulate phosphorus transport by sub-surface drainage from agricultural land in the UK. Environmental significance at the catchment and national scale
Chapman, A.S., Foster, I.D.L., Lees, J.A., Hodgkinson, R.A., Jackson, R.H. pp. 95-102

Sediment nutrient characteristics and aquatic macrophytes in lowland English rivers
Clarke, S.J., Wharton, G. pp. 103-112

Controls on the nutrient content of suspended sediment transported by British rivers
Walling, D.E., Russell, M.A., Webb, B.W. pp. 113-123

Downward fluxes of particulate carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus in the north-western Adriatic Sea
Giani, M., Boldrin, A., Matteucci, G., Frascari, F., Gismondi, M., Rabitti, S. pp .125-134

Estimates of benthic fluxes of nutrients across the sediment-water interface (Guarapiranga reservoir, Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Mozeto, A.A., Silverio, P.F., Soares, A. pp. 135-142

Anoxic mineralization of biogenic debris in near-shore marine sediments (Gulf of Trieste, northern Adriatic)
Cermelj, B., Ogrinc, N., Faganeli, J. pp. 143-152

A novel sediment gas sampler and a subsurface gas collector used for measurement of the ebullition of methane and carbon dioxide from a eutrophied lake
Huttunen, J.T., Lappalainen, K.M., Saarijarvi, E., Vaisanen, T., Marikainen, P.J. pp.

The use of an ultrafiltration technique for measurement of orthophosphate in shallow wetlands
Zhang, A.D., Oldham, C. pp. 159-167

Diagenesis of magnetic minerals in the intertidal sediments of the Yangtze Estuary, China, and its environmental significance
Zhang, W.G., Yu, L.Z., Hutchinson, S.M. pp. 169-175

Downstream changes in the transport and storage of sediment-associated contaminants (P, Cr and PCBs) in agricultural and industrialized drainage basins
Owens, P.N., Walling, D.E., Carton, J., Meharg, A.A., Wright, J., Leeks, G.J.L. pp. 177-

Floodplain lakes as sinks for sediment-associated contaminants - a new source of proxy hydrological data?
Winter, L.T., Foster, I.D.L., Charlesworth, S.M., Lees, J.A. pp. 187-194

Contaminants in sediments: remobilisation and demobilisation
Zoumis, T., Schmidt, A., Grigorova, L., Calmano, W. pp. 95-202

Sulfate reduction in Lake Agmon, Israel
Hadas, O., Pinkas, R., Malinsky-Rushans, N., Markel, D., Lazar, B. pp. 203-209

Comparison of iron accumulation in lakes using sediment core and mass balance calculations
Dillon, P.J., Evans, H.E. pp. 211-219

The degradation of xenobiotic branched carboxylic acids in anaerobic sediment of the Pearl River in Southern China
Chua, H., Yu, P.H.F., Lo, W.H., Sin, S.N. pp. 221-228

Retention of conservative and sorptive solutes in streams - simultaneous tracer experiments
Johansson, H., Jonsson, K., Forsman, K.J., Worman, A. pp. 229-238

Effect of sorption kinetics on the transport of solutes in streams
Jonsson, K., Worman, A. pp. 239-247

Erosion investigation and sediment quality measurements for a comprehensive risk assessment of contaminated aquatic sediments
Haag, I., Kern, U., Westrich, B. pp. 249-257

Radium migration through clay liners at waste disposal sites
Boscov, M.E.G., Cunha, I.I.L., Saito, R.T. pp. 259-264

Detoxification of tributyltin contaminated sediments by an electrochemical process
Stichnothe, H., Thoming, J., Calmano, W. pp. 265-271

The impact of a hydroelectric power plant on the sediment load in downstream water bodies, Svartisen, northern Norway
Bogen, J., Bonsnes, T.E. pp. 273-280

Sedimentological research as a basis for environmental management: The Oresund fixed link
Valeur, J.R., Jensen, A. pp. 281-289

Modeling the ecological impact of heavy metals on aquatic ecosystems: a framework for the development of an ecological model
He, M.C., Wang, Z.J., Tang, H.X. pp. 291-298

A preliminary model for predicting heavy metal contaminant loading from an urban
Yuan, Y., Hall, K., Oldham, C. pp. 299-307

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