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Hydrobiologia Volume: 494, Issue: 1-4, 2003
Conference Summary
Part A: Assessing and/or Restoring Disturbed Watersheds
Part B: Sediment-Water Linkages in Terrestrial and Aquatic Environments
Part C: Evaluating Change in Saline and/or Freshwater Habitat

Conference Summary

Interactions between sediments and water: Summary of the 9th International IASWS Symposium
Petticrew, E.L., Droppo, I.G., Kronvang, B. pp. 1-4

Part A: Assessing and/or Restoring Disturbed Watersheds

Urbanization, sedimentation, and the homogenization of fish assemblages in the Etowah River Basin, USA
Walters, D.M., Leigh, D.S., Bearden, A.B. pp. 5-10

Using deterministic models to assess risk in sediment-impacted estuaries
Senior, A., Green, M., Oldman, J. pp. 11-16

Organic matter composition of gravel-stored sediments from salmon-bearing streams
Petticrew, E.L., Arocena, J.M. pp. 17-24

A scaling approach to spatial variability in early diagenetic processes
Morse, J.W., DiMarco, S.F., Hebert, A.B., Sell, K.S. pp. 25-29

Relationship between Pb/Cd adsorption and metal oxides on surface coatings at different depths in Lake Jingyuetan
Li, Y., Zhang, B.Y., Huang, G.H., Dong, D., Hua, X pp. 31-35

Scavenging of dissolved organic matter (DOM) by amorphous iron hydroxide particles Fe(OH)3(s)
Luider, C., Petticrew, E., Curtis, P.J. pp. 37-41

Contemporary transport of suspended material and its deposition in the Vistula River, Poland
Lajczak, A. pp. 43-49

Seston sedimentation in a lowland river (River Spree, Germany): Their spatial and Temporal variations and controlling factors
Kozerski, H.-P. pp. 51-55

Variations in the water quality of a small urban tropical catchment: Implications for load estimation and water quality monitoring
Lim, H.S. pp. 57-63

Measurement of the size and structure of natural aquatic colloids in an urbanised watershed by atomic force microscopy
Muirhead, D., Lead, J.R. pp. 65-69

Part B: Sediment-Water Linkages in Terrestrial and Aquatic Environments

The sediment budget as conceptual framework and management tool
Slaymaker, O. pp. 71-82

The role of overbank floodplain sedimentation in catchment contaminant budgets
Walling, D.E., Owens, P.N. pp. 83-91

Pesticides and heavy metals in Danish streambed sediment
Kronvang, B., Laubel, A., Larsen, S.E., Friberg, N. pp. 93-101

Macroinvertebrate/sediment relationships along a pesticide gradient in danish streams
Friberg, N., Lindstrøm, M., Kronvang B., Larsen, S.E. pp. 103-110

Suspended sediment fluxes in chalk streams in the Hampshire Avon catchment, U.K.
Heywood, M.J.T., Walling, D.E. pp. 111-117

Changing suspended sediment and particulate phosphorus loads and pathways in underdrained lowland agricultural catchments; Herefordshire and Worcestershire, U.K.
Foster, I.D.L., Chapman, A.S., Hodgkinson, R.M., Jones, A.R., Lees, J.A., Turner, S.E., Scott, M. pp. 119-126

GIS-based distributed model for simulating runoff and sediment load in the Malian River Basin
Huang, Y.F., Chen, X., Huang, G.H., Chen, B., Zeng, G.M., Li, J.B., Xia, J. pp. 127-134

Characterising the fine sediment budget of a reach of the River Swale, Yorkshire, U.K. during the 1994 to 1995 winter season
Smith, B.P.G., Naden, P.S., Leeks, G.J.L., Wass, P.D. pp. 135-143

The provenance of sediments in Moreton Bay, Australia: A synthesis of major, trace element and Sr-Nd-Pb isotopic geochemistry, modelling and landscape analysis
Douglas, G., Palmer, M., Caitcheon, G. pp. 145-152

Evaluating the impact of watershed management scenarios on changes in sediment delivery to rivers?
Verstraeten, G., Van Rompaey, A., Poesen, J., Van Oost, K., Govers, G. pp. 153-158

The influence of catchment characteristics on suspended sediment properties
Ankers, C., Walling, D.E., Smith, R.P. pp. 159-167

Modelling sediment supply to rivers and reservoirs in Eastern Europe during and after the collectivisation period
Van Rompaey, A., Krasa, J., Dostal, T., Govers, G. pp. 169-176

Morphological controls on medium-term sedimentation rates on British lowland river floodplains
Sweet, R.J., Nicholas, A.P., Walling, D.E., Fang, X. pp. 177-183

Temporal changes in the metal and phosphorus content of suspended sediment transported by Yorkshire rivers, U.K. over the last 100 years, as recorded by overbank floodplain deposits
Owens, P.N., Walling, D.E. pp. 185-191

Anoxic degradation of biogenic debris in sediments of eutrophic subalpine Lake Bled (Slovenia)
Cermelj, B., Faganeli, J. pp. 193-199

Chemical equilibrium modeling of copper precipitation in a hyper-concentrated solidliquid system
Nan, X., Weiling, S., Jinren, N. pp. 201-206

Biogeochemical influence on carbon isotope signature in boreal lake sediments
Ogrinc, N., Hintelmann, H., Eckley, C., Lojen, S. pp. 207-213

Carbon and nitrogen content of suspended matter in a Hong Kong drainage basin
Peart, M.R. pp. 215-222

Spatial and temporal variability of particulate phosphorus fractions in seston and sediments of Lake Kinneret under changing loading scenario
Eckert, W., Didenko, J., Uri, E., Eldar, D. pp. 223-229

Part C: Evaluating Change in Saline and/or Freshwater Habitat

Hydrodynamical impact on biogeochemical processes in aquatic sediments
Huettel, M., Røy, H., Precht, E., Ehrenhauss, S. pp. 231-236

Application of Phoslock™, an innovative phosphorus binding clay, to two Western Australian waterways: Preliminary findings
Robb, M., Greenop, B., Goss, Z., Douglas, G., Adeney, J. pp. 237-243

Bioturbation experiments in the Venice Lagoon
Mugnai, C., Gerino, M., Frignani, M., Sauvage, S., Bellucci, L.G. pp. 245-250

Response of fishes and aquatic habitats to sand-bed stream restoration using large woody debris
Shields Jr., F.D., Knight, S.S., Morin, N., Blank, J. pp. 251-257

Applicability of the Langmuir equation to copper sorption by loess with high carbonate content
Jinren, N., Welling, S. pp. 259-263

Comparative study of bedload sediment yield processes in small mountainous catchments covered by secondary and disturbed forests, western Japan
Nishimune, N., Onodera, S.-I., Naruoka, T., Birmano, M.D. pp. 265-270

Quantification of erosion rates for undisturbed contaminated cohesive sediment cores by image analysis
Witt, O., Westrich, B. pp. 271-276

Metals, trace elements, and organochlorine compounds in bottom sediment of Tuttle Creek Lake, Kansas, U.S.A.
Juracek, K.E., Mau, D.P. pp. 277-282

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in sediments of the Venice Lagoon
Frignani, M., Bellucci, L.G., Favotto, M., Albertazzi, S. pp. 283-290

Relative roles of stream flow and sedimentary conditions in controlling hyporheic exchange
Packman, A.I., Salehin, M. pp. 291-297

Long and short term variations in suspended particulate material: The influence on light available to the phytoplankton community
Pierson, D.C., Markensten, H., Strömbeck, N. pp. 299-304

A dynamic model for flow and wind driven sediment resuspension in a shallow basin
Markensten, H., Pierson, D.C. pp. 305-311

The need and means to characterize sediment structure and behaviour prior to the selection and implementation of remediation plans
Leppard, G.G., Droppo, I.G. pp. 313-317

Temporal variability of particulate organic carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus in the Northern Adriatic Sea
Giani, M., Savelli, F., Boldrin, A. pp. 319-325

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